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Reusable Isolation Gowns

Improving the standard in Comfort, Durability & Protection for your Frontline Healthcare Staff.

Available in Small, Medium, Large and Extra-Large  

Reusable equals Reduced Cost.

Optimised Design, Superior Materials and Precision Give Exceptional Performance.

With an enhanced design based on clinical feedback, this medical device is TGA Registered, independently tested, and stands at the forefront of technical capability.


  • Level 3 AAMI/ANSI PB70 fluid resistance, including seams.
  • Fabric exceeds Level 3 fluid resistance standard by 50 times.
  • Smooth polyurethane exterior – breathable and fluid resistant.
  • Welded seams equals no puncture points.
  • No front or side seams.
  • All seam lengths minimised.
  • Generous sleeves and rear overlap for added coverage.


  • Soft, absorbent polyester lining.
  • Cooler to wear, improving staff concentration.
  • Quick, easy & hygienic to don and doff.


  • RFID tracking available. (See FAQs for more information.)
  • Large colour range for different wards/sizes.


  • Hot machine wash (75°C).
  • Full care instruction printed on every gown.
  • We work with your laundry for best results.
  • More environmentally sustainable and cost-effective than disposable gowns.

See the Technical Data Sheet for details.

We look forward to speaking with you!