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What is the Performance Standard of the gowns?

The gowns have exceeded the performance requirements for AAMI/ANSI PB70 Level 3 fluid resistance across the whole gown including seams. This gives surety to your frontline caregivers so they may confidently go about their work, even in trying circumstances.

What is the Life Expectancy of the gowns?

Independent testing indicates the gown retains ANSI/AAMI PB70 Level 3 performance for up to 175 washes under defined conditions.

What is the Contaminant Removal Process?

Decontamination is achieved when gowns are laundered in a hot wash (up to 75°C) with a zero residue detergent. Dry gowns on medium/high (up to 90°C) heat. Laundry instructions are printed on the inside of every gown. We will work with your laundry to ensure they understand the process that keeps users safe from contaminants.

How can the Garment's Usage be Tracked and Recorded?

Individual gowns can be fitted with unique RFID tags to track and record movement. This allows real-time monitoring and tracking of wash cycles, where they were worn and where they are. See for more information.

Alternatively, there is provision for a manual tracking process on each gown’s care label.

What Standard Colours are available?

The most common colour is citrus yellow signifying infection control. Other colours are possible. Please call to discuss.

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