Our Story

Healthcare from the Heart

When you have close friends working in dangerous environments and you possess the expertise to help them out… you go the extra mile.

That was where we found ourselves at the beginning of 2020 when a health crisis struck. Not wanting them to be exposed to pathogens or feeling anxious, we combined our years of experience, knowledge and connections from our earlier professions and began designing, sourcing, manufacturing and testing our state-of-the-art isolation gown prototype.

The result is the Welspring Reusable Isolation Gown which now sits at the forefront of technical capability for this product.

Since then, the gown has been involved in clinical trials so its design and performance have been optimised for real life healthcare environments.

And it’s come through with flying colours.

So now we can tell our medical friends sincerely,

Guys, we’ve got your back, your front, your arms…

We see a future for frontline Healthcare Workers where they never run out of protective clothing, especially in a crisis.

Our mission is to create a superior, sustainable, affordable and effective solution for the safety of frontline Healthcare Workers around the globe.

Our foundational values include:

Care for the people putting themselves in harm’s way for the benefit of others.

Development so problems become opportunities to improve.

Exploration so best practice is a concept that continually advances through stakeholder collaboration.

Examine Our Product

The Welspring Isolation Gown is a state-of-the-art medical protection device providing a tested and proven solution for frontline Healthcare Workers.

Its superior fluid resistance is designed to keep safety standards high for your staff.

It’s suited for Hospitals, Aged Care and other Close Care environments.

It keeps the workers you’re responsible for covered.

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